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Commercials / Digital Marketing

Experienced in growing brands and businesses, small and large, through cinematic storytelling. We work with you to produce the highest quality content to market your business, product or brand.

Short / Long Form Documentary

We will carefully craft a documentary telling the story of your business, brand, or product in a way that perfectly summarizes who or what you are to your audience.

Music Videos

We produce original, imaginative, and dynamic music videos for every genre and style. Whether you’re looking to create something abstract or straightforward, we’re here to make the process easy and fun.

Live Production

Our crew’s full service, multi-camera setup, and collaborative ideas can give your audience a unique and engaging experience when it comes to your live performance production. We also offer live editing for those looking to do a live broadcast.

We Have It All Covered

Each stage of the production process is critical to delivering a great final product for the client. Without a thorough pre-production process, the shoot may run into unexpected issues or not meet the client's expectations. A well-executed production phase ensures that the footage looks and sounds fantastic, which is essential to capturing the audience's attention. And post-production is where the team can take the raw footage and transform it into a polished, professional-looking video or film that meets the client's expectations and exceeds their audience's expectations.


A well-planned pre-production process ensures that the shoot runs smoothly, the budget is managed effectively, and the final product meets the client's expectations. During this phase, the creative team develops the concept, writes the script, creates storyboards, and plans out the logistical details of the shoot.


This is where the concept comes to life and the team captures the visuals and audio that will make up the final product. The production stage is essential to delivering a great final product. It’s where the team can try different angles, lighting, and camera techniques to ensure that the footage looks and sounds fantastic.


 Post-production is the final stage in the process and where the magic happens. This is where  the team takes the raw footage and transforms it into a polished, professional-lookin video. It's also where the team can make sure that the final product meets the client's expectations and is delivered on time and within budget.

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Jesse is the lead producer and manages the studio. He runs the day-to-day aspects of the company and will be the lead contact for any project the company takes on.

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Brad is head of production for Catalogue Co. He runs social media and assists with client outreach on top of making sure the technical side of the business runs smoothly.

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Joe takes the lead on the creative aspects for the company. This includes writing, generating concepts and creating original musical compositions when needed.

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